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    City or Township Vacaville, CA
    Postal Code 95688, CA
    Neighborhood Neighborhood, Vacaville, CA
    School District School District, County, CA
    Listing Service Area Area, CA
    Address 123 Main St, Vacaville, CA
    Street Main St, Vacaville, CA
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    Before you purchase a new home it is always a good idea to research the schools in the surrounding area. The quality and/or proximity of the schools surrounding your home may significantly impact its resale value.

    Select a city to view a comprehensive list of all public and private schools that are available in the area.

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    Here is a list of properties that I have sold.

    647 Antiquity Dr, Fairfield, CA Single Family/Single Family sold.
    Single Family/Single Family
    4 Bd / 2F/1H Ba
    1804 sq. ft.,  2 Stories
    Listing #: 21526815
    Sold: 12/24/2015
    804 Oxford Way, Benicia, CA Single Family/Single Family sold.
    Single Family/Single Family
    4 Bd / 3F/0H Ba
    2649 sq. ft.
    Listing #: 21516646
    Sold: 8/20/2015
    2747 Applewood Dr, Fairfield, CA Single Family/Single Family sold.
    Single Family/Single Family
    4 Bd / 2F/0H Ba
    1405 sq. ft.,  1 Stories
    Listing #: 21508935
    Sold: 6/30/2015
    163 Court Way, Vacaville, CA Single Family/Single Family sold.
    Single Family/Single Family
    4 Bd / 2F/0H Ba
    1828 sq. ft.,  2 Stories
    Listing #: 21501412
    Sold: 6/30/2015
    4972 Rialto Ave, Fairfield, CA Single Family/Single Family sold.
    Single Family/Single Family
    3 Bd / 2F/0H Ba
    1305 sq. ft.,  1 Stories
    Listing #: 21508537
    Sold: 5/22/2015
  • Real Estate News

    • In Tune: Households Happier with Music

      If you’ve ever attended a concert, you know firsthand how powerful music can be. But what about the music you listen to at home?

      Sonos explored the answer to that question in its recently released “Music Makes it Home” study. Listening to music out loud in the home, the report found, leads to stronger relationships, increased intimacy and quality time spent together, and happier families. Most strikingly, households that listen to music out loud spend an additional three hours and 13 minutes per week together than those that do not.

      "The truth is, people may be sharing a home, but they aren't sharing much else. Music may be able to change that by bringing everyone back together," says Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, neuroscientist, musician and author of the international bestselling book, “This is Your Brain on Music.”

      Households that listen to music out loud also experienced heightened feelings of happiness, notably while completing chores or cooking, according to the study.

      Households included in the study ranged from roommates and spouses to multi-generational families and first-time cohabitating couples.

      Source: Sonos®

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

    • Replacing Windows? 3 Tips for the Kitchen and Bath

      (BPT)—Dollar for dollar, one of the most valuable improvements you can make to your home is replacing the windows. New windows not only increase energy-efficiency, but also offer optimal natural lighting and ventilation.

      The best rooms for new windows? Your kitchen and bathrooms, say the experts at Pella Windows and Doors. Before embarking on the project, they suggest these three tips:

      1. Select a window material that fits your needs.

      Kitchens and baths require windows that are easy to clean and can withstand moisture, so materials like vinyl or fiberglass are ideal. Fiberglass windows can withstand extreme heat and cold, are energy-efficient, and have the look of painted wood without the need for additional painting or staining.

      2. Choose a window style with function in mind.

      Kitchen windows are often placed above counters or sinks, and bathroom windows tend to be located above tubs, beside showers or above bathroom counters. The placement of these windows can sometimes make them hard to reach, so choosing a window style that's easy to open and close is a must. Sliding windows or casement windows—which crank open and close—are ideal for these hard-to-reach areas.

      Ventilation is another key consideration in kitchens and bathrooms. A properly placed window can help decrease the amount of heat and moisture retained when cooking or showering. Awning windows, which can be pulled in or pushed out, are a good option, and perform best when placed close to the ceiling or above eye level.

      3. Consider additional features and options.

      If you want to maintain privacy while maximizing natural light in the bathroom, choose a window with obscure or opaque glass. Streamline the look and function of your kitchen or bath with between-the-glass cordless blinds or shades, which minimize allergens and eliminate clutter. Because these window coverings are tucked between the panes of glass, you won't have to worry about moisture or stains.

      Source: Pella Windows and Doors

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

    • Valentine’s Day: A Dozen Fun Facts

      All in the name of love! Valentine’s Day celebrants shelled out nearly $19 billion on outings and gifts last year, and that number shows no signs of dwindling this time around. The big bucks will be spent in three categories:

      What New Year’s resolution? Fifty percent of Americans will buy candy for a loved one, spending a sweet $1.7 million total on the tell-tale, heart-shaped boxes.

      Did you know Valentine’s Day card sales rank second to those of Christmas cards? Fifty percent of Americans will buy greeting cards this year, totaling upwards of 180 million. That’s a lot of time spent licking envelopes!

      Over 200 million roses are produced each year for Valentine’s Day. This year, one out of four Americans will buy flowers, with more than 40 percent of purchases being red roses.

      Some Valentine’s Day shoppers also plan to splurge on jewelry—it’s the glitter things that count, after all! Fun facts: nearly 10 percent of all diamond jewelry is sold as Valentine’s gifts, and almost half of proposals happen on Valentine’s Day.

      Some, still, are even spreading the love to their four-legged friends. About one in five Americans will buy a Valentine’s Day gift for their pet this year, proving that unconditional love goes both ways between pet owners and their beloved companions.

      Source: FatWallet

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

    • Coast to Coast: The Top Growth States and Cities

      More Americans are calling the coasts home. Two states—one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast—ranked among the highest for new residents in the last year, based on incoming one-way U-Haul truck rentals. U-Haul migration trends don’t correlate directly to population or economic growth, but the data are a strong gauge of how well states are attracting and retaining residents.

      The coastal states topping the list are North Carolina and California, with Florida, Ohio and Virginia also experiencing a flood of new residents in the past year.

      Clear growth cities have also emerged in the U-Haul statistics. The top 10 are:

      1. Concord, Calif.
      2. Roseville-Sacramento, Calif.
      3. Austin, Texas
      4. Madison, Wis.
      5. Chicago, Ill.
      6. College Station, Texas
      7. Henderson, Nev.
      8. Manhattan, N.Y.
      9. Manteca, Calif.
      10. Missoula, Mont.

      Source: U-Haul

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

    • 5 Steps to Ensure Water Quality at Home

      The lead contamination crisis in Flint, Mich., has brought to light possible occurrences in other areas of the country. Unsafe lead levels in tap water can be harmful, particularly to pregnant women and children. If faced with contaminated tap water, steps to reduce exposure should be taken as soon as possible. Per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

      • Clean out faucet aerators by unscrewing the aerator at the tip of the faucet and removing any debris. Aerators are located at the tip of household faucets and have a screen to collect particles and sediment.

      • Flush hot water tanks to remove sediments that may have been deposited into the tank.

      • Clean whole-house water filtration systems by flushing the system and changing the cartridge.

      • Have your water tested to be sure lead levels are below 150 parts per billion.

      • Pregnant women and children under six should drink bottled water until they get results showing their water is below 150 parts per billion. After that point, they should only drink water that has been through an NSF-certified, lead removal filter.

      Source: EPA

      Published with permission from RISMedia.